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Revistas ISI: 2011

  • Manuel A. Caraballo, Francisco Macías, Tobias S. Rötting, José Miguel Nieto and Carlos Ayora, (2011). “Implementation of a Dispersed Alkaline Substrate (DAS) passive treatment system at Mina Esperanza, SW Spain, for a long term remediation of highly polluted acid mine drainage”. Environmental Pollution, 159,3613-3619.
  • Aguasanta M. Sarmiento, Angel del Valls, José Miguel Nieto, María José Salamanca and Manuel A. Caraballo, (2011). “Toxicity and potential risk assessment of a river polluted by acid mine drainage in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Spain)”. Science of the Total Environment, 409, 4763-4771.
  • Manuel A. Caraballo, Francisco Macías, José Miguel Nieto and Carlos Ayora, (2011).“Hydrochemical performance and mineralogical evolution of a dispersed alkaline substrate (DAS) remediating the highly polluted acid mine drainage in the full scale passive treatment of Mina Esperanza (SW, Spain)”. American Mineralogist, 96, 1270-1277.
  • Manuel A. Caraballo, Aguasanta M. Sarmiento, Daniel Sánchez-Rodas, José Miguel Nieto, Annika Parviainen, (2011). “Seasonal variations in the formation of Al and Si rich Fe-stromatolites in the highly polluted acid mine drainage of Agua Agria Creek (Tharsis, SW Spain)”. Chemical Geology, 284, 97-104.
  • Rafael Pérez-López, Francisco Macías, Manuel A. Caraballo, José Miguel Nieto, Carlos Ayora, Gabriela Román-Ross, Rémi Tucoulou, (2011). “Mineralogy and geochemistry of Zn-rich mine-drainage precipitates from a passive treatment system by synchrotron-based X-ray analysis”. Environmental Science and Technology 45, 7826-7833.
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